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Lake lubuk siam is an oxbow lake in the Kampar District. This lake is a habitat for species of baung fish (Hemibagrus nemurus) of high economic value. The purpose of this study was to assess the concentration of heavy metals (Cd and Cr) in organs (gills, muscles, and bones) of baung fish in the lake. Samples fish from the Lubuk Siam lake were collected and destruction according to the procedure and the concentrations of heavy metal (Cd, Cr) were analyzed after acid extraction and tested using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) Shimadzu AA-7000 flame type. The results showed that the highest and lowest heavy metals in baung fish namely: Cr> Cd. In baung fish (Cd: gills> muscles> bones and Cr: bones> gills> muscles) the concentrations in each organ are still appropriate. consumption, levels of bioconcentration and bioaccumulation of both heavy metals in the organs of baung fish  were classified as low.


bioaccumulation, bioconcentration, hemibagrus nemurus, heavy metals, Oxbow lake

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Hamdan, M. ., Budijono, & Purwanto, E. (2022). Kandugan Logam Berat Cd Dan Cr Pada Organ Ikan Baung Dari Danau Lubuk Siam, Riau. Jurnal Sumberdaya Dan Lingkungan Akuatik, 3(2). Retrieved from

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