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Zooplankton has an important role in the waters as a link between primary producers and lower trophic levels. This study aims to determine the structure of the zooplankton community in the coastal waters of the Pisang River, Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang City. This research was conducted in February 2021 using a survey method. The sample analysis of zooplankton community structure includes: abundance, diversity index, similarity index and dominance index. Data were analyzed descriptively. The water quality parameters measured were temperature, salinity, current velocity, pH, DO, nitrate and phosphate. The results showed that 10 classes of zooplankton were found in the coastal waters of the Pisang River. The average abundance of zooplankton ranged from 175-402,5 ind/L. Copepods are the most common class found in this study. While the diversity index value (H') ranges from 1,73-2,65; similarity index (E) 0,53-0,77; and dominance index (C) 0,24-0,48. Water quality values were as follows: temperature 31-33 oC, current 0.06-0.19 m/s, salinity 27-32 o/oo, pH 7, DO 5.85-6.9 mg/l, nitrate 0.0542-0.0611 mg/l and phosphate 0.0863-0.0878 mg/l.


Copepods, Community Structure, West Sumatera, Zooplankton

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Annisa, N., Adriman, & Fauzi, M. . (2022). Struktur Komunitas Zooplankton di Perairan Pesisir Sungai Pisang Kecamatan Bungus Teluk Kabung Kota Padang Sumatera Barat. Jurnal Sumberdaya Dan Lingkungan Akuatik, 3(2). Retrieved from

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