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Trichopodus pectoralis or siamese gourami is one of the freshwater fish that inhabit the Tuok Tengah Lake. This study aims to determine the bioecology of the siamese gourami which includes the ecological factors of the abiotic environment, including temperature, brightness, pH, dissolved oxygen, free carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrate and phosphate in Lake Tuok Tengah. The study was conducted in December 2021-January 2022. Measurement of ecological parameters and fish sampling was carried out once a month for two months. Fish were caught using bamboo trap at three locations. The fish caught during the study were 98 fish consisting of 62 males and 36 females (ratio 1.5:1). The results of ecological parameters are as follows: temperature 28-30 0C, brightness 50-87cm, pH 5, dissolved oxygen 2.24-4 mg/L, free carbon dioxide 7.99-15.98 mg/L, ammonia 0.0420-0.0552 mg/L, nitrate 0.1475-0.2401 mg/L and phosphate 0.0671-0.0940 mg/L. The results of the biological parameters of the fish were as follows only 5 females had mature gonads. Total length of the fish was from 121-169 mm (male)  and 125-202 mm (female) with weights ranging from 31-99 g (male) and 38-151 g (female). Growth pattern of the fish was negative allometric, with b=2.2312-2.3293 (male) and b=1.9206-2.7603 (female), respectively. Condition factor was 0.8740-1.5014 and fecundity ranged from 2370-8231 eggs/female. Based on data obtained, it can be concluded that the water quality in the Tuok Tengah Lake is able to support the live of the fish and the fish is able to grow and reproduce well.

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Novika Putra, N., Fauzi, M. ., & El Fajri, N. (2022). Bioekologi Ikan Sepat Siam (Trichopodus pectoralis) di Danau Tuok Tengah, Desa Buluh Cina, Kecamatan Siak Hulu, Kabupaten Kampar, Provinsi Riau. Jurnal Sumberdaya Dan Lingkungan Akuatik, 3(2). Retrieved from

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